Political Dynasty


From a constitutional perspective, it is true that it is no longer necessary to debate whether or not political dynasty are evil per se or whether it is a reform-oriented, or known for public service. It doesn’t matter anymore.

The 1987 Constitution provides that “The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service and prohibit political dynasties as maybe defined by law….”

To realize this Constitutional provision an enabling law or implementing law is necessary. But for almost 25 years of existence of the 1987 Constitution no implementing law was ever passed by the Congress (legislative) defining the banning of political dynasties. What the Constitution requires is the lawful definition of “political dynasty”.

The response of the legislature with the Constitutional provision is comprehensible. It is because the present membership of the Congress –Senate and House– say so, whom many belongs to political dynasty, which will unlikely allow to act and pass an enabling law to the said Constitutional provision that will affect them directly? Forbidding their family to serve the country?

Now, what will be some of the remedial measures to solve the problem? Republic Act No. 6735, the law on peoples’ initiative and referendum offers a lawful solution. Another is a people’s movement, campaign or crusade for anti-political dynasty.

Meaning, in the absence of the implementing law or that there is no enabling law to be administered by the Commission on Elections, the only remaining option is for the people to unite against the political dynasty. Peoples’ Power? Political Dynasty versus Peoples Power! Naahhh….

In election it is a matter of choice! Can't the voters make use of their right of choice to resolve the problem on the issue of political dynasty whom primarily they are the one directly at fault of tolerating political dynasty in their own turfs. Nobody is to be blamed for this political issue but the voters themselves and the unprincipled resourceful politicians!

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